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[15 Jan 2020|08:23pm]

Has anyone noticed people seem to be...gone?

[Weasleys and Significant Others]

Have any of you seen Bill? Or heard from him? I haven't spoken to him since yesterday at lunch and he's not responding to messages and not at his apartment. He usually stays with us more often than not, but he hasn't come home.


Are you busy?

[12 Jan 2020|07:57pm]

Today I spent most of the morning absolutely sick and unable to do anything but suffer, starting at the exceedingly unnecessary hour of four AM. Once I was able to function, the remainder of my day was spent avoiding a tantrum inspired by me asking my daughter to have some broccoli instead of an extra cookie.

Oh, and for the first time in my life I forgot to water the new roses I was breeding and they died. So. There’s that.

To say that I’ve not won any battles today would be an understatement. Is it too early for bed?

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